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Victory Tax

Today, we will explore one of the most controversial topics on the planet: The “Income” Tax. Every year around “tax time”, we are coincidentally reminded of those celebrities and big names who have been taken down due to tax evasion. Yet simultaneously, there are those who don’t pay income tax and flaunt it! (even going as far as offering an award to anyone who can find a law that requires them to do so).

Amongst all of the hoopla, there is a lot of misinformation out there in the tax protester movement. One of those is that income tax is unconstitutional. Consider the following material before making a decision about what you ‘think’ about the income tax. Things are not always what they seem.



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  1. I got this by putting in the truth about the federal reserve. One thing that always bother me is if they have the right to take out what they want. Why do they tell you that you owe more money. And you are not even making $30,000 dollars a year. I have always been suspicious of the government. Especially because I am of the black race and we didn’t have rights but we were taxed.
    I want to get a dvd to look. What site do I need to go to to get DVDs. I don’t have a printer working at this moment so how can I get a copy of this article. Thanks!!

    Comment by Mae | March 30, 2009 | Reply

    • Hello Mae,

      One good way to get DVD’s is to go to (buy new and used). I have an entertainment center at the following site:

      There are a lot of conscious raising documentaries there, and most of them have a link to them (a lot of them amazon) where you can purchase DVD’s.

      As far as getting the article… it is only available on line. If you can’t get ANYWHERE to print it, go to

      and hit the Contact button. If you put in your address, I will send you the article.

      Comment by freeyourmindonline | March 31, 2009 | Reply

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