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To Rent or To Buy

To all of my subscribers, you know that the very first article that you received after you subscribed to this newsletter was The Conspiracy of Home Loanership. Now, there are a lot of folks who seem to think that I am against buying a home and that’s just not the case.

So when should you rent or buy? And if you have bought… should you keep?

Ponder the following material.



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The Conspiracy of Home Loanership

“Stop making your landlord rich. Start investing in you. Purchase a home and build real wealth for you and your family.”

Yes, we’ve all heard it before. It is a fact that the majority of American’s house is their biggest investment. However, it is also fact that the majority of Americans are strapped. I urge you to be prudent and consider the following before you take the plunge. Things are not always what they seem.



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