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No Romance Without Finance Part 2

First came No Romance Without Finance.  This is the follow up to that.  The first article broke down how you can start your relationship off right (financially) by doing a gameplan.  And also included was info about marriage and credit.  But that was the easy part.  What is the main obstacle that stops couples from doing what they know they should?

Consider the following material.



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How To Defeat The Middle Class Matrix

Every since I released the newsletter “The Middle Class Matrix,” thousands and thousands of people have approached me (ok, maybe two or three) and asked, “Ok, well… How do you get out of this Matrix?!”

Today, this is what I want to write about. If you are in your first three months of subscribership you may not have studied “The Middle Class Matrix”. You can study it HERE. It is a prerequisite to studying the following article.

Now, after you’ve looked into it, then consider the following material.



Never pay retail price. Learn how to purchase products at wholesale prices and even profit as a reseller.


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No Romance Without Finance

Today I would like to talk about romance, relationships and money. So if you are in a relationship and are serious, OR you know someone who is, you may want to check this out and relay the message



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